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Beginning Band


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Beginning Band

May 17, 2017

Dear Parents:

Instrumental music classes are now being organized for the fifth grade class.  This is a regular part of the music program at Bucklin and is a wonderful opportunity for your child to discover himself or herself and their talents.

Participation in musical group activities provides an opportunity for talent to come to life which otherwise might be undiscovered and unappreciated.  Most important, however, is the fact that music provides young people with an aesthetic outlet and has been proven to raise test scores in math, science and language arts.  

At this time your student has had the opportunity to discuss and play a variety of instruments.  We will be starting students on flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone (euphonium), and percussion.  Once the basic instruments are learned, they will be able to switch over to the other instruments and be a more versatile player.

Senseney Music from Wichita will be in the band room on Thursday, August 24th after school.  They will be here to discuss instrument purchase and/or rental.  You may also bring in instruments for appraisal or to check on what work needs to be done to make them playable.  They will also bring everything needed to care for your instruments.  I strongly encourage you to purchase an instrument care kit if you do not have one.  A properly cleaned and cared for instrument will retain its value better and also lower repair costs.

There are many off brands of instruments on the market that do not play in tune and the music stores are unable to obtain parts for.  Something as simple as replacing a lost screw or a pad is not possible.  Please do not purchase any $150.00  or less instruments off of the internet.  All brands sold by the local music store can be serviced.  Used instruments can be found in the want ads and the Shopper’s Weekly; the local music store will do appraisals before you purchase an instrument.  Sometimes recent graduates are also willing to sell their instruments.  Senseney will work on the following brands:  Conn, Selmer, Yamaha, Vito, Leblanc, Normandy (older), Jupiter, Accent, Artley, Armstrong, King, Gemeinhardt, Buffet, Boosey and Hawkes, Benge, Blessing, Cannonball, Omega, Emerson, Evette (older), Bundy (older), Holton, and Getzen.

If you have any questions about the instrument that your child wants to play or you want to discuss anything else about the program, please do not hesitate to call.  Also feel free to call and ask questions about an instrument you are interested in purchasing.  Marian.Seacat’s school number is 826-3241, and cell is 620-826-5121, email is seacatm@usd459.org.  Nik Thompson can be reached by E-Mail thompsonn@usd459 or on his cell 620-430-1107.

We use the Tradition of Excellence band book.  Book 1 (red) is the beginning book that we will use in 5th grade.  We will have them for purchase at the beginning of the year.  If you wish to purchase one yourself, Senseney Music in Wichita is the only store that we know for sure carries this series.  The books come with a CD/DVD, it includes videos of posture, how to play, caring for your instrument and much, much more.  It also has an audio track of most lines in the book, a metronome, tuner and a music composition program.

Recommended Student Level Flute brands

Accent, Armstrong, Artley, Bundy, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Selmer, Yamaha

Recommended  Student Level Clarinet Brands

Accent, Buffet, Cannonball, Jupiter, LeBlanc, Selmer, Yamaha

Recommended Student Level Saxophones

Accent, Cannonball, Jupiter, Keilwerth, Selmer, Vito, Yamaha, Yanagisawa,  King (used models, it is no longer manufactured), Buescher (used models, it is no longer manufactured), Conn (used model manufactured through the 1970’s)

Recommended  Student Level Trumpet Brands

Accent, Bach, Jupiter, King, Holton, Selmer Bundy, Yamaha

Recommended  Student Level Trombone Brands

Accent, Bach, Bundy, Conn, Jupiter, King, Selmer, Yamaha

Recommended Student Level Valve Trombone Brands

Jupiter, Bach, Holton, King, Yamaha

Recommended Student Level Euphoniums

Bach, Besson, Conn, Jupiter, King Willson, Yamaha

Recommended Student Level Baritones

Accent, Holton, Jupiter, King, Yamaha

Recommended Student Level Drum Kits (includes both bells and snare)

Ludwig, Mapex, Yamaha




Nik Thompson            Marian Seacat

Band Director            Elementary Music and Band