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Contest Music


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Contest Solos

Vocal Solos

The Second Minuet - Melody only

Danny Boy - Melody only                                Danny Boy - Melody with Accomp.

Vocal Ensembles

Oh! Susanna with melody                                Oh! Susanna Accomp.

Climbin' Up the Mountain Accomp.

Flute Solos

Majestic March with Solo                                Majestic March Accomp.

Aire and Danse with Solo                                Aire and Danse Accomp.        

Flutations with Solo                                           Flutations Acomp.

Clarinet Solos

Reflections with Solo                                        Reflections Accomp.

Barbara Allen with Solo                                    Barbara Allen Accomp.

Riverside Promenade with Solo                        Riverside Promenade Accomp.

Crabapple Crossing with Solo                          Crabapple Crossing Accomp.


Alto Saxophone Solos

Nocturne with Solo                                            Nocturne Accomp.

Skater's Waltz Solo                                            Skater's Waltz Accomp.

Trumpet Solos

Bonny Doon with Solo                                        Bonnie Doon Accomp.

Copper & Zinc with Solo                                    Copper & Zinc Accomp.

The British Grenadiers with Solo                        The British Grenadiers Accomp.

Rozinate with solo                                                Rozinate Accomp.


Trombone Solos

Procession of Honor with Solo                            Procession of Honor Accomp.

Copper & Zinc with Solo                                       Copper & Zinc Accomp.

In a French Cafe with Solo                                    In a French Cafe Accomp.

Rozinante with solo                                                Rozinante Accomp.


Euphonium Solos

Loch Lomond with Solo                                    Loch Lomond Accomp.


Snare Drum Solos

Caribbean Gumbo