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Course descriptions—Mr. Scott


8th Social Studies-American History
Students start with the American Revolution, forming of our government, constitution, launching the new nation, expanding the nation, the rise of nationalism, pre-civil war (north vs. south), westward expansion and war, divided nation, Civil War, reconstruction, the settlement of the west, and the U.S. becomes an industrial and urban nation.

7th Civics
Students learn about the foundations of government, the three branches of government, state and local government, citizens in government, citizens in society, the American economy, the U.S. and the world, and meeting future challenges

7th Kansas History
Students will study the history of Kansas from the primeval days, Indians of Kansas, Bleeding Kansas, railroads of Kansas, politics that shaped Kansas (past and present), jobs and the workers that are available in Kansas, and the privileges of citizenshi

5TH Social Studies
Students will study American History beginning with the geograhy of the United States. The Students will learn about the Native American Indians and their culture. They will also study the discovery of the North American continent and who the main European explorers were. The colonization by Great Britain, events leading up to the Revolutionary War, and the Independence of the American Colonies.  The Students will study the expansion of the U.S. to slavery and emacipation, and the Civil War. Immigration and industry will be discussed and study.

6TH Social Studies
Students will study the Geography of the world and look back on the Ancient civilizations that developed. The River Valley Civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China will be explored. Students will learn about the ancient empires of the Greeks, Romans, Arabians, and Americas. The Cultures of Mediveal Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas will be explored and studied. To finish up the students will learn about the European expansion and Revolutions that changed the world.