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What's Going On at School: May 11, 2018

Posted Date: 05/11/2018

What's Going On at School: May 11, 2018

Points of Emphasis for next year:


Soft skills for use in real world (KESA)


On April 3rd a team of trained experts chosen by us visited our school to analyze our progress on the new KESA (Kansas Education Systems Accreditation) educational plan put forth by the Kansas State Department of Education.  Our DLT (District Leadership Team) presented our progress made this year and received input from this team of experts (Outside Validation Team) as to how we are doing and point us in the proper direction if needed.  The OVT team gave us very positive feedback and indicated that Bucklin is well ahead of most small schools on this front. The goal of the KESA program is to help schools provide a more all-encompassing education designed to help students become more successful in their real world after high school.

Phase 1 of the Library transformation will begin this summer with a ‘weeding out’ process that will remove unused books and recode as necessary.  We are also ordering about $10,000 of software and technology tools that will provide our kids with cutting edge development opportunities.  The “Bowling for Butch” foundation, coordinated by Chambre Breuer, has committed to donating the funds raised at this year’s event to the Bucklin school library refurbish project.  The board has agreed to match funds donated by the “Bowling for Butch” foundation up to a maximum of $20,000. 

We purchased a 16 seat handicap accessible bus as part of the regular transportation rotation schedule.  This rotation keeps us balanced and on schedule with our vehicle’s.  Having another handicap available vehicle will also help with Title IV compliance.  Also, any bus 16 seat and under capacity does not require a CDL, which is always a significant benefit in any school district.

Several projects are in the final stages of planning and processing including:

  • Awaiting word on the ERATE grant which if earned will allow us to completely update our technology infrastructure including all new wiring, a new server and phone system.
  • Placement of a one to one technology plan which will allow each student grades 3-12 to have access to a technology device. Each classroom will also have apple tv capacity,  which is a tremendous educational tool allowing for all sorts of advanced activities.
  • Extensive repair and facility improvement on basic needs.  Lots of painting and fixing.  An area of concentrated focus will be grounds and maintenance upkeep.
  • A contracted food service provider.  There are several companies that provide a full-service purchasing, providing and preparing plan that are very efficient, organized and cost effective.  Also development of the ‘steer a year; donation program which allows local ranchers to donate, with tax benefits, a beef to the school food service program.
  • A review of the discipline plan implemented this year and any possible changes that may be needed.
  • Summer conditioning program.  The feedback we are getting is that participation will significantly increase.

Possible agenda items at future board meetings include:  The next board meeting will be June 11th.

  • A drug testing policy that will test on a random basis students at various times of the year. 
  • The institution of a softball and baseball program. 
  • An E sports club program as an extra-curricular activity.  This is a technology based program that involves competitive             interaction with other schools in simulated activities digitally via the internet. 
  • A food service program that provides full service   Volume purchasing power helps them provide at reduced prices.  They also design meals which includes two to three entrée choices, a salad bar, a fruit bar and possible ala cart choices.  This program if instituted, will still have Federally regulated portion sizes as mandated by The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act instituted in 2010.     
  • Possible addition of softball/baseball.
  • Attendance policy and discipline plan.


Financial:               Updated 5-1                                           17-18                                                                       16-17

Budget                                                                                 2,789,000                                                                2,850,000

Expenses                                                                             1,855,000                                                                1,815,000

Cap Outlay                                             `                               405,000                                                                   441,000

Cap Outlay Expenses                                                             168,000                                                                     86,000

Contingency                                                                            370,000                                                                   126,000

Capital outlay is money a school spends to purchase a fixed asset. Fixed assets are, property, plant and equipment. Contingency is basically our savings account.  The debt that we are carrying stems from last year’s HVAC/windows project in the elementary wing.

Expenses upcoming:

Suburban/Small Bus                                      55,000

Facilities ‘fix it’ project                                    50,000

QZAB (Debt) Payment                                   47,000

Technology Requisition                                  20,000

Paint shop/storage building                            20,000

Foundation donation match                           20,000

Supplies Requisition                                      15,000

Technology update                                        13,000

Sand/Refinish back gym                                  5,000

Expense Possibilities:

Softball/Baseball startup                                30,000

New camera/entry system                             20,000

New copy/printer/cloud storage                     10,000

Time/attendance software                               4,000

Major items for upcoming consideration: (5 yr plan)

                New windows and HVAC replacement in rest of original brick building.

                School/Community fitness facility.

          Eventually a new track.




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